The Four i’s for Engaging Live Streams

Here we present the four iiii's, a great checklist that all the best live streamers use, to drastically increase the engagement around and during their live broadcasts.

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The four iiii’s!

1. Interact

Live streaming is a great community building medium. Engage with your audience, before you go live and ask them what they would like to see you address. Allow the input to guide the preparation of your stream. This will help you to make sure you’re answering people’s questions and ensure that your content is relevant.

2. Improvise

Prepare to be spontaneous! Preparations vs improvisation is an interesting dynamic, and an individual thing. You need to be sufficiently prepared for you to be loose enough to show your character. Live video is exciting exactly because it has not been edited. Its an unadulterated view of your personality and your company.

3. Invested

Get your viewers invested in the broadcast. Use this opportunity for your followers to connect to your brand by allowing them to drive the discussion. Reply to comments and feedback and allow them to guide the content.

4. Intention

What is your endgame? Educate, entertain or convert? No matter what your goal is, live streaming is all about establishing relationships by giving value. It is of utmost importance that you focus on maximizing value for your viewers.

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