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How much does digital marketing and video cost?

It takes time to familiarize yourself with all the possibilities when it comes to digital marketing and sometimes it can be challenging to know what it is best to allocate time and resources to first. Many employ their own content producers who, together with a marketing manager or coordinator, lay out strategies for what is to be produced and where and when the content is to be published.

What is the goal of digital marketing?
All marketing naturally aims to sell a product or service, but the road to sales can have many sub-goals, several target groups and different channels to reach. Together with traditional advertising in print, radio, television or billboards, digital marketing must equally capture attention, inform, entertain, and inspire engagement and action. Before you order content for the web or social media, it is important to ask yourself exactly what is the goal of that particular video or blog post. Should you focus on general awareness of your brand? Do you want more followers and more engagement in social media? Or do you want your audience to leave an email address on your website so you can contact them? This is a step in the customer journey that will help shape the type of content that should be produced and for what use.

This is how we price our products and services
We price our services and products based on scope, and what type of long-term collaboration you as a customer want to develop with us. Above you can fill in a form where we can get an impression of what you are seeking assistance with, so that we can send you a non-binding price example based on your needs. Initial conversations and meetings are always free and non-binding, and can be a golden opportunity for you to clarify both for us and for yourself how the way forward can contribute to increased sales.