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The cheese that creates pride in the village

Fjellbygda Heidal is located at the top of Gudbrandsdalen by the gate to Jotunheimen. Here they have cheeked butter and made cheese for many hundreds of years. First on the farms and from 1920, the valley got its first steamystery which later became Østlandsmeieriet, today known as Tine. When Tine shut down production in 1995, it was the seed of the "new" Heidal dairy that saw the light of day in 1999.

Heidal cheese is a dark type of Gudbrandsdal cheese with a strong, round and caramel-like taste. Long cooking time, good craftsmanship and good ingredients give the award-winning taste. The production follows the original recipes both in terms of raw materials and procedure. The exquisite, authentic taste has not gone unnoticed abroad either. Heidal Ysteri now exports hundreds of kilos of Heidal cheese to South Korea.

Heidaslosten is today central to the rural community. It is a central part of the identity for young and old and Heidal and is a symbol of faith in the future and local belonging.

Small and medium-sized companies account for 47 per cent of the total value creation in Norway, and Sparebank 1 will focus on these companies when they launch the Business Promise. It is a national campaign to help more small and medium-sized businesses succeed.

Sparebank 1 Gudbrandsdal contacted MMM to make films to make small and medium-sized companies visible in our local community. The choice fell on Heidal Ysteri. Heidal Ysteri and owner Hege Krukhaug tell a strong and moving story about food tradition, identity and faith in the future in rural Norway. The film was picked up by Sparebank 1 nationally and after some adjustments, it is now part of the bank's major national investment, Bedriftsløftet.

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Customer: Sparebank 1 Bedriftsløftet
A film about Heidal Ysteri and the collaboration with Sparebank 1.
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