Power for green growth

Idea workshop for industry in Gudbrandsdalen

In 2019, the energy companies in Gudbrandsdalen took the initiative for a preliminary project that would help to put Gudbrandsdalen on the map as a "smart, green valley".

Today, Gudbrandsdal Energi Holding, Eidefoss, Skjåk Energi, Sparebank 1 Gudbrandsdal and Sparebank 1 Lom and Skjåk are the owners of the project, and have an ambition to contribute to green transformation in the entire region. The SIVA partner Skåppå has the project management.

Efforts for green growth is a joint initiative between the private and public sectors with the goal of creating new green and smart jobs. Green because the environment and the market demand it. Smart because technology offers new opportunities. In the green shift, we must be out early, because sustainability gives competitiveness.

All the municipalities in Gudbrandsdalen actively contribute to Krafttak. They are an important engine as a green and innovative buyer and premise giver, and if Gudbrandsdalen is to be able to take a competitive and reputational advantage, we are dependent on good interaction between the municipalities and the business community.

The pilot project provided an indication of what is most needed in Gudbrandsdalen and which measures will have the greatest effect in realizing more sustainable innovation and growth in the region. This is set out in a strategy for "The Smart Green Valley".

Many questions were on the agenda when Krafttak for green growth invited the industry in Gudbrandsdalen to an idea workshop. In what areas does the new legal requirement come from the public sector or new expectations from the market? How can we help solve the challenges of the future? And where are the opportunities?

The aim of the idea workshop was to inspire and challenge to find ideas for how industrial actors together can take larger or new positions in this landscape. The idea workshop is followed up afterwards through the project Krafttak for green growth and the development partner Skåppå to connect those who want and can take the ideas further to reality.

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