Inland county municipality

A humorous and youthful film for middle school students

Every year in January and February, Vinstra Musikk, folk music and dance line has had a tradition of touring many of the upper secondary schools in the Inland. At a time when this was not possible, Vinstra VGS ordered a film that could be shown in secondary schools instead.

The focus was on making a humorous and youthful film that would reach the target group. In addition, the customer wanted the film to include mobile camera footage of performances performed by the students.

Customer: Matrute Gudbrandsdal
More local food on the menu at restaurants in Gudbrandsdalen.
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Customer: NHO Norway
From idea to action: Innovative procurement in the field of practice from the health and care service.
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Customer: Power for green growth
Opportunities for industry in Gudbrandsdalen
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Customer: HelseINN
A film that shows what Helseinn is and what they work with.
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Customer: Gudbrandsdal Energi Holding
A film that shows what Gudbrandsdal Energi Holding is and what they work with.
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Customer: Sparebank 1 Bedriftsløftet
A film about Heidal Ysteri and the collaboration with Sparebank 1.
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Customer: Gudbrandsdalsvegen
A series of films that put unique local businesses on the map.
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Customer: Inland County Municipality
A humorous and youthful film from Vinstra Videregående Skole for middle school students.
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