The road to the good experiences is a travel tool that highlights and makes it easy to find the very best experiences along Gudbrandsdalsvegen. The member companies are located in an area that extends from Fåvang in the south, through the settlements Ringebu, Hundorp, Harpefoss, and Vinstra, to Kvam in the north.

Food and drink
In Gudbrandsdalen you will get real craft food from producers who operate animal-friendly and sustainable.

Along Gudbrandsdalsvegen you can stay overnight or create events at historic family hotels.

In Gudbrandsdalen you will find a number of enthusiasts who are interested in carrying on the craft traditions.

Things to do
In the valley, a bit of everything happens. Join tours, events and activities. Make a stop and experience more!

Nature experiences
From Gudbrandsdalsvegen it is a short way to Rondane and Jotunheimen - high mountains with the view we find peace in.

Along the way you will find farm outlets with craft food, sales exhibitions of art and wrought iron products.

In 2018, MMM entered into a collaboration with Gvegen to produce films to put these unique local businesses on the map, and we continue to do so.

Customer: Inland County Municipality
A humorous and youthful film from Vinstra Videregående Skole for middle school students.
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Customer: Matrute Gudbrandsdal
More local food on the menu at restaurants in Gudbrandsdalen.
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Customer: NHO Norway
From idea to action: Innovative procurement in the field of practice from the health and care service.
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Customer: Power for green growth
Opportunities for industry in Gudbrandsdalen
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Customer: HelseINN
A film that shows what Helseinn is and what they work with.
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Customer: Gudbrandsdal Energi Holding
A film that shows what Gudbrandsdal Energi Holding is and what they work with.
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Customer: Sparebank 1 Bedriftsløftet
A film about Heidal Ysteri and the collaboration with Sparebank 1.
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Customer: Gudbrandsdalsvegen
A series of films that put unique local businesses on the map.
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